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Afton/Osmond schools at capacity

The Wyoming State Construction School Facilities Division has toured two of Star Valley elementary schools as the two facilities are now meeting or exceeding student capacity.

Officials met with Lincoln County School District No. 2 administrators and school trustees for the meeting at the end of June.

Their visit with LCSD #2 included tours of the Afton and Osmond elementary schools.

While many schools across Wyoming are experiencing declining enrollments, Star Valley schools continue to increase in student numbers, especially in the Upper Valley.

Afton Elementary has an enrollment of 460 students and is considered to be at 103-percent of capacity based on student class sizes of 21.

The Osmond elementary is at 98-percent of elementary with 361 students.

State Construction has called on Plan One Architects of Rock Springs to conduct preliminary study of both buildings and have a report ready for review later this year.


  1. How is a building completed in August 2011 at capacity? Afton’s population on the 2000 census was 2860 and increased to 2886 on the 2010 census. Growth but not 1970s Gillette growth. The state and the district appear to have not done their job. A sinking Rawlin’s Prison appears to support the same conclusion.

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