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Robinson Miles

Four-Legged Friend to All: The Dog of the Lincoln County Jail

◆ Noel was adopted from Lucky’s Place and brings smiles to faces everyday. Noel starts the workday every morning inside the control tower in the Lincoln County jail. Two things set her apart from the other employees. First, she is…

The Vocalist Announces Dates For 2021 Season

After its start five years ago, The Vocalist has become a Star Valley tradition and continues to grow today. In the summer of 2016, Swift 98.7 had just gone through a rebranding and its employees were looking for publicity. Duke…

Shriners Hospital Chariot Races this weekend

Robinson Miles SVI Media This weekend Afton will host a Star Valley tradition and rowdy winter sport: chariot racing. The sport itself is simple: drivers stand in lightweight aluminum chariots pulled by two horses and the fastest time around the…