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Bridger Valley Chamber of Commerce announces new board president Eric White

Director of the Bridger Valley Chamber of Commerce, Charlotte Black, announced a new board president in Eric White.

She says he was serving as Vice President, but agreed to step in and serve in this new role. She says this will bring on added responsibility of decision making.

“We don’t really move forward with anything until the board president has heard it, has okayed it, and made a big contribution,” Black said. “They also spend a lot more of their time in making sure that they’re there at each of these events.”

She says White specifically has been busy starting to implement some changes he wanted to see and has put a lot of time examining the group’s policies. He is also looking at the way the chamber is putting on Movies in the Park.

“He’s showing a lot of enthusiasm for this position,” Black said. “For him, he’s going to be doing a lot of different things.”

She says he is bringing his expertise as a business owner to help the chamber operate as a business as well. He owns The Printed Word in Lyman. She says he also has some expertise he has brought to the group as well as he has worked in logo design.

“He comes with a lot of technology background,” Black said. “He brings a lot to our chamber even before when he was just a board member.”

She says they often looked to him for technical help among other things. She also says he has done a lot for the community by just printing logos or other things for other businesses and people.