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(Updated) – 9,000 households regain power on Sunday

As of Sunday morning, power had been restored to a large region of Wyoming, Idaho and Utah.

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GARDEN CITY, Rich County — Nearly 9,000 households in northern Utah, southern Idaho and western Wyoming were without power Saturday night, Rocky Mountain Power officials reported.

Nearly 4,746 customers in Bear Lake County, Idaho, had no power at 5:30 p.m. Saturday, said Tiffany Erickson, spokeswoman for Rocky Mountain Power.

Another 3,960 were without power in Rich County, Utah, as well as 408 households in Cokeville, Wyoming.

The temperature was below freezing in all three states at the time of the outage.

The outage affected households in Utah at Garden City, Randolph and Woodruff, and in Idaho at Montpelier, St. Charles and Indian Creek.

Erickson said officials are investigating the cause of the outage, though they believe it may be a problem with a transmission line.

As the investigation was still ongoing, officials didn’t know what time the power would be restored.