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How To Use Your ATV Safely in the Rain

How To Use Your ATV Safely in the Rain

One of the worst things that can happen to your ATV plans is bad weather. However, it is possible to still drive your ATV in such conditions. It will not have any problems handling lighter to medium levels of rain as long as the ground is not too muddy. The trick is to take the proper precautions to make sure you can do the trip safely. Here is how to use your ATV safely in the rain.

Grab the Right Gear

The first thing you will need is the proper gear that can stand up to the weather. It is worth investing in waterproof clothing that you can wear on these trips—something that can stand up to not only rain but also mud. Staying as dry as possible is a good plan. Get yourself a pair of gloves and boots with good traction to prevent yourself from slipping. This will also give you better control over the vehicle. You should also wear a helmet that has a visor to redirect the rain. Otherwise, you might have a hard time seeing.

Prepare Your Vehicle

Although the default parts of an ATV are capable of handling most terrain, it is a good idea to switch to more appropriate accessories. Using mud wheels is the least you can do; however, it might be better to invest in ATV tracks that, by design, handle soft terrain like mud. You should also prepare some backup tools and parts in case the ATV sticks or floods.

Perform Maintenance Afterwards

After you finish using your ATV in the rain, it would be best to clean it right away. Leaving it covered in mud and water can cause all sorts of problems. The longer the ATV sits with the water and mud, the more damage it can cause to the paint and the inner parts of the ATV. Make sure you do not leave the cleanup to another day.

These are just the overarching themes of how to use your ATV safely in the rain. If you follow these ideas, you should have a safer time driving in the rain.