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Lincoln County Attorney addresses mask mandate

After the mandate put in place by Lincoln County Health earlier this week, elected officials have come out of the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office and the county commissioners office with statements and reactions to the idea of enforcement and constitutionality.

Lincoln County Attorney, Spencer Allred, is the latest to make a statement on the county mask mandate and it is below:

To the Citizens of Lincoln County,
Many of you have expressed great concern over the Public Health Order that was issued
yesterday requiring masks to be worn in Lincoln County.
It is my position that this mandate will not be enforced through my Office due to the
constitutional concerns and other logistical issues surrounding it. I believe that these decisions
should ultimately be up to the duly elected legislative body, elected officials, and the Supreme

I do, however, understand the concerns on both sides of this issue. I am concerned about this
virus and especially for those that may be more at risk than others. While I do not believe that
forcing individuals to wear a mask is the answer, I would ask that each of us, as fellow citizens
and neighbors, try to be understanding and respect the rights and the health choices of others. I
ask that we respect the rights of private business owners to operate their business and to protect
themselves and their employees as they see fit. I believe that they have that right.
We are all fortunate to call Lincoln County our home. We have seen the divisions in our Country
over the last year deepen to the point that civility and respect are becoming a thing of the past. I
am confident that we in Lincoln County will continue to rise above that even if we have differing

Spencer L. Allred