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Lincoln County General Election Results 2018

With all 17 precincts reporting there were a total of 7,449 votes cast across Lincoln Couty for the 2018 General Election.

Senator John Barasso claimed victory in Wyoming early on and he carried over 80-percent of the vote total in Lincoln County with 5,846 votes compared to Gary Trauner’s total of 1,152.

In the race for Wyoming’s lone U.S. House spot Liz Cheney carried Lincoln County with 5,617 votes. Greg Hunter compiled 1,132 votes.

Mark Gordon was also an early call for pundits as the next Governor of Wyoming. Gordon placed third in Lincoln County in the Primary Election but easily carried the General Election with 5,511 total votes. Mary A. Throne finished with 1,155.

In the office for Secretary of State, Edward Buchanan carried 79-percent of the votes with a total of 5,768. James W. Byrd had 1,008.

In Lincoln County the office of State Auditor went to Kristi Racines with 5,914 votes. Jeff Dockter finished with 1,084.

For State Treasurer, Curt Meier carried the county with 5,872 compared to Chris Lowry’s 1,116.

Many of Lincoln County’s positions were unopposed in the General Election after a full Primary Election field. Those positions included Commissioner (Jerry Harmon & Robert King), Coroner (Dain Schwab), Attorney (Spencer Allred), Sheriff (Shane Johnson), Clerk (April Brunski), Treasurer (Jerry Greenfield) Assessor (Debbie Larson) and Clark of District Court (Kenneth Roberts).

Voters case their ballots overwhelmingly to retain Judge Jones, Judge Prokos and Judge Zebre.

The Specific Purpose One-Percent Tax or “6th Penny” tax failed in Lincoln County with 3,669 votes case against the measure and 3,190 in favor.

In a spirited field for Lincoln County School District #2 (LCSD #2) Board of Trustees,  Timothy Teichert carried the At-Large 2-year position with 2,158 votes. Connie Day was unopposed in the At-Large 4-year position with 4,297 votes. In Area #2, Lanny Draney led a crowded field with 1,859 votes. Connie Call Lancaster finished with 1,450. In Area #5, Tyler Brog finished with 2,594 votes compared to Donna Ivie with 1,924.

In the race for Wyoming House District #22, Jim Roscoe defeated incumbent Marti Halversen. House District #22 has portions in Lincoln, Teton and Sublette counties. Halversen carried the Lincoln County numbers which included Etna, Freedom and Alpine. She finished with 1,269 while Roscoe compiles 935. Halverson narrowly carried Sublette County 204 to 179 but Teton County voters came out in droves for Roscoe who had 1,381 compared to Halversen’s 510. Overall Roscoe finished with 2,495 and Halversen finished with 1,983.

Results are considered unofficial until they are reviewed by the Lincoln County Canvassing Board and the Wyoming State Canvassing Board.