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Man charged in stabbing after 13-hour standoff

JACKSON (WNE) — A 13-hour police standoff came to an end Thursday afternoon when the suspect came out of his apartment, walked down the stairs and put on a helmet.

Seconds later the barefoot man was tackled by police and taken into custody. Riley Sills, 40, has been charged with second degree attempted murder.

Sills is the suspect in a Wednesday night stabbing that happened in the parking lot near his Town Creek apartment off West Deloney Avenue.

The victim, who was stabbed in the stomach just before midnight Wednesday, called 911 before collapsing in front of a nearby motel. He was rushed to St. John’s Health and then transferred to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center. The 53-year-old is expected to survive, though his exact condition was unknown at press time.

Sills was quickly identified as the suspect but hid inside his apartment, triggering an overnight standoff that didn’t end until just after 1 p.m. on New Year’s Eve. Police evacuated 16 people overnight from five nearby apartments due to safety concerns.

“Our number one concern is public safety,” Acting Chief of Police Michelle Weber said at the scene Thursday. “We’ll use all the options available to us as we wait it out.”

Throughout Thursday’s standoff, Sills only made one demand: cigarettes.

Police delivered cigarettes to his doorstep not long before Sills came out and was arrested. The suspect never made any violent threats, police said.