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Plan healthy resolutions for 2018

With the new year comes the opportunity to develop a plan that includes healthy resolutions.
Joel Johnson, Star Valley Medical Center spokesman, said recent studies indicate approximately 45 percent of Americans make resolutions, but only eight percent are keeping those resolutions.

Johnson offered the assistance of the local hospital in helping to create and maintain healthy resolutions in 2018, that you can keep throughout the year.

“Hopefully, some of your resolutions are about eating healthy or losing weight,” he suggested. “And, Star Valley Medical Center is there to not only help you when you are sick or injured, but we’re here to be your health care partner as well.”

Johnson advised, “It’s always good to consult with your primary health care provider, because they have your medical history.”

He suggested starting with medical center’s wellness blood screenings, designed to provide your physician with an important summary of your overall condition.

“These are discounted blood draws you can get any time of year,” he said. “There are nine different tests you can choose from and the most popular is the general chemistry panel,”
He added, “That blood draw comes back with over two dozen different results. “

Once the results are available from the blood screenings, “you can sit down with your practitioner and talk about it.”

Johnson also advised to check with your insurance provider to see what will be covered with any screen testing. “Talk with your insurance company,” he said.

In addition to the blood screening programs, Johnson noted the services of registered dietitian Troy Bailey at SVMC. “Especially with diabetes, you can talk about portions” with your meals.

“The biggest thing, is to talk with your health care-provider on an annual basis and talk with your insurance company and learn about the cautionary screenings that are covered,” Johnson concluded. “It’s better to get something taken care of than let it sneak up on you.”

He added, “Let Star Valley Medical Center be your wellness partner and help you achieve your resolutions.”



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