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Sarah Hale

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Sarah has worked as a journalist for nearly 20 years. Her experience in the
news media world includes working as a court reporter, social editor,
education reporter, features editor, general news reporter, managing editor
and news director. As part of the SVI Media Team, Sarah focuses her efforts
on business writing and feature stories.

When Sarah is “not in the office” she can usually be found outside. She
loves mountains and likes to explore the wilderness. Sarah’s favorite things
to do include hiking, kayaking, camping, traveling, drinking ice water and
munching on trail mix! She also loves poetry, photography, art, music,
creating culinary masterpieces, everything science related and rocks. Sarah
adores anything to do with water – especially the ocean.

Sarah also shares her time and energy by serving on a number of different
community boards. She is involved in a wide range of events and activities
that benefit the Star Valley area. She absolutely believes that a single
person can make a positive difference in the world.

One of Sarah’s true loves is Star Valley! She is thrilled to call this place
her home. Sarah is the daughter of Mel and Eileen Hale of Fairview. She has
five brothers and a sister, five sisters-in-law and 14 nieces and nephews.
Having “grand adventure” with her family is one of Sarah’s very favorite
things to do.

Sarah is known for her smile and seemingly endless energy. She loves sharing
joy and seeking out the very best life has to offer.


  1. Do you have footage from the thsyne youth rec football game yesterday? Hoping to get a copy of the green team vs blue team.

    Thx, kat

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