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Star Valley Chamber Report: Broulim’s expansion

By Janet Erickson

Broulim’s Fresh Foods in Afton has begun expansion of their store.  To offer increased product variety and better service, the store will nearly double in size, and receive a facelift between September 2017 and Spring of 2018.

Harold Jones, Store Manager, told SVI Media in a radio interview on Sept. 19, that Broulim’s had purchased the lot just north of their store, and began demolition of the old King’s Discount store on Sept. 9, 2017.  The lot is being used for construction of a large addition to the Broulim’s store.

In the expansion, Broulim’s will overhaul their customer service department. The new store will feature a full-service Deli with a dining area.  Patrons will be invited to bring their meats in for a grilling service, and enjoy their family meal there in the deli dining room.

The new bakery will feature a brand new donut fryer, and offer all their products made in house, from scratch.  Improved quality and organic produce offerings will increase with the expanded produce section.

Additionally, the new store will offer a full-service floral department, and a coffee shop.  Plans also suggest a Sushi-bar, though it is uncertain as to whether the sushi bar will actually be included in the new store.

Jones shared that there are some surprises in the plans that are sure to please patrons – features that are new to the Broulim’s chain, and have not been available at other locations.  He stated that rumors of a Starbuck’s and an apparel section in the store are untrue.  The coffee shop will be a Broulim’s offering.

Upon completion of the new section of the store, the north wall of the building will be enclosed for demolition, and a passageway between the two sections will allow patrons to move freely throughout the entire store.  When demolition of the wall is complete, the store will become one large space.

Currently, patrons can find the Customer Service Desk located in the area where the shopping carts were housed before the remodel began.  Carts can be found parked along Check Stand 6.

Entry to the store through the winter months may be congested, but Jones assured SVI Media that it will be “Business as usual.”  Broulim’s staff will focus on customer service and making shopping as quality and convenient as possible through the transition.  Jones reminds patron’s, “We want everyone who comes into Broulim’s to have a fantastic experience.”