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Star Valley Independent Preview: September 12, 2018

The latest edition of the Star Valley Independent is out and in the pages of the local paper, publishing since Feb. 13, 1901, you’ll find two reports on Silver Star Communications. First, the Star Valley based company has been called on to install fiber optics in Teton County’s Buffalo Valley. The project will serve 143 homes and 44 business. Plus, Silver Star has plans to replace copper with fiber in the Lower Valley, of Star Valley. See the reports in today’s Star Valley Independent.

•A possible archery poaching case. A yearling doe deer was found shot and killed with parts of the meat taken, while the rest of the deer remained untouched. The Wyoming Game and Fish is seeking information. See the report in SVI.

•See something, say something; it’s a national campaign designed to draw attention to illegal activity. Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office Capt. Brian Andrews joined the Weekday Wake Up program to explain the program and a follow-up report is included in today’s paper.

•Pain management. Is it possible? Dr. Brian McClure with Star Valley Medical Center is overseeing a pain management clinic. See the report in today’s Star Valley Independent.

•Homecoming week for Star Valley is coming. There’s a full week of activities including an assembly, parade and of course a great Friday afternoon football game. You can find all the details in today’s SVI.
Star Valley High School golf, volleyball, and football. Sports editor Dahl Erickson has the full sports coverage in today’s paper.

•Five football games in five different locations, all in one night. SVI Media was there. See how the Star Valley based company brought Friday night football to over 25,000 viewers and listeners in just one night, all at the same time. The quality of the broadcasts has resulted in an invitation from KSL to include SVI Media on the live-stream platform. It will be the first time for KSL to extend an invitation to a broadcast organization outside of Utah to be a part of program that will bring Star Valley sports to an Intermountain West audience. See the report on the business page of the Star Valley Independent.

•Elizabeth Smart is coming to Star Valley. See the cover report of Inside Look, the second section of the Star Valley Independent. In the family column, included with Inside Look, read about the benefits of putting your spouse first in your marriage. Crosswords puzzles, Sudoku and the classifieds with new job openings, all in the second section of the Star Valley Independent, called Inside Look.

It’s all part of the Sept. 12 edition of the Star Valley Independent. The Star Valley Independent, publishing each and every week since Feb. 13,1901.

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