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The Best Horses for New Riders

The Best Horses for New Riders

Whether you’re picking a horse out for yourself or for a young rider in your household, it can be hard to find the perfectly patient pony that can handle the woes of a greenhorn rider. Once you do pick one, however, you’ll have a lifelong companion and a reliable work or riding buddy. Blaze a trail by picking one of the best horses for new riders and avoid picking a notoriously stubborn breed.

A Note About Your First Horse

Any breed can be stubborn, and any breed could be easy-going—it simply depends on the personality of the horse. While picking a breed is easy, it’s up to you to determine during the sale if the horse will be good if you’ve never owned one before. Don’t choose a young, unbroken horse as your first one. Try to pick a calmer, trained adult horse who can handle riding already. Once you learn the intricacies of horse riding, you can consider purchasing a younger or more difficult horse, but not as your first horse.

American Quarter Horses

American Quarter horses are famous for being a cowboy’s greatest companion. These loyal horses handle long days and hard work like it’s in their blood, and they also make excellent actors. If you love riding trails and backcountry—or even camping—American Quarter horses are the most reliable options. They’re also one of the most popular breeds in the country due to their “jack-of-all-trades” nature.

Icelandic Horses

If you’re choosing a horse for a young rider, you may want to choose a smaller horse. Icelandic horses work perfectly for children and novices. They also grow a fluffy winter coat to handle the colder weather—which may mean you don’t want to house them someplace warm. An extra added benefit to the Icelandic is their smooth gait that’s easy on new riders.

Morgan Horses

Many veteran horse riders will talk about how their horses listen to them and aim to please them. Morgans are famous for their kind, caring, and calm attitude. As one of the most beautiful of the best horses for new riders with a shiny, elegant coat, mane, and tail, you won’t regret befriending one of these classic beauties. Many consider Morgan horses to be a healthy breed. With proper care and attention, a horse of this breed shouldn’t cost you extra in vet bills.