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Town of Thayne seeking Snow Days help with future of the event in question

After 16 years of family snow fun, Thayne Snow Days was canceled last year. The reason, not enough volunteers and community interest to keep the event going.

“When people learned that it was not going to happen last year we had a significant outpouring from the other municipalities and from businesses and individuals that wanted to see this tradition continue,” said Lorell Woolley. “They all said we would have helped if we had known. Well, now they do know and if we are going to have this event happen this year, we need to get things organized and ready.”

A planning and organizational meeting for the 2018 Thayne Snow Days has been scheduled for Thursday, Nov. 30, starting at 6 p.m. The meeting will take place in the Thayne Town Hall.

“This will be our first meeting where we will see where we are at and what we can get ready for this year,” said Woolley. “We need help. We need people who are willing to volunteer and be involved with fundraising and marketing and logistics and setup. We need vendors and people who want to work in concessions. We need help with every single part of the event.”

According to Woolley, this year Thayne Snow Days would like to include cutter racing.

“We are taking a look at how we can get that done,” said Woolley. “There has been some interest from the local cutter racers so we are looking at that. We feel the addition of cutter racing would be a great addition to our event.”

According to Woolley, the 2018 will come down to who is willing to step up and get involved.
“We didn’t have an event last year,” he said. “If we don’t have a Thayne Snow Days this year I am not sure that we can bring it back again. This is really a key year for us. I hope people will get involved.”

Anyone interested in helping with the 2018 Thayne Snow Days can contact the Town of Thayne at 883-2668.

“Ideally they will show up in the Nov. 30 meeting,” said Woolley. “We really need to see who is going to be there and be involved. We will likely have another meeting the first part of January. Thayne Snow Days will take place the first weekend in February if it is going to take place. I think this is an event that brings the valley together and that has been a tremendous benefit to the area. Hopefully we can keep it going.”

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