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Wyoming tops the list for road trip destinations

Despite higher fuel prices and increased traffic to escape cities, AAA estimates that 64-percent of American families will hit the road this summer for recreation and according to, the top destination is the Cowboy State.

Using criteria such as costs, safety and activities, Wyoming topped the list of overall score. Wyoming had the best rating in terms of cost while ranking 19th in 22nd in activities. Another area the state scored highly was the cost of camping which also led the nation.

Over the past decade, Grand Teton & Yellowstone National Parks have experienced significant increases in visitors, with more than a million more per season than they saw ten years ago.

North Carolina was second with Minnesota, Texas and Florida rounding out the top five according to the data.  Utah came in at #9 with Colorado at #10.

Other neighboring states did not fare as well with Idaho at #27 and Montana at #39.

Rhode Island was at the bottom of the list along with Connecticut, Delaware and Hawaii.

Overall, the experts used 31 different areas of study to come to their conclusions.