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11 genius packing and moving tips that’ll make your life a WHOLE lot easier

Kelsi Jones, FamilyShare

Moving is so much work. But luckily, there are a few things you can do to make the process a little easier.

Here are some of them:

1. Go through your things

When you move, you literally move everything you own from one place to another. Before packing up everything, go through your belongings and get rid of things you don’t use or want. You could donate them, or have a yard sale to earn some extra cash for your move.

Now you’ll have less to pack (and unpack); and when you get to your new place, you’ll feel good knowing that all your current belongings are things you actually use and enjoy.

2. Make lists

You’ll have a thousand to-do’s bouncing around your head — from having your mail forwarded and updating your address with family, friends and businesses you receive mail from, to re-registering vehicles and getting new drivers licenses (if moving out-of-state), among other things (like stopping and starting utilities) — and it can all get a little overwhelming.

Make lists of all the things you think of that you need to accomplish, then cross them off once they’re completed.

It will also get everything out of your head and onto paper, so your stress level can lower a bit.

3. Pack your closet clothes in trash bags

Instead of taking your clothes off the hangers just to pack them, wrap up your wardrobe in trash bags — when you get to the new place, you can hang them right up, then remove the trash bags and you’re done!

4. Hire or enlist help

Doing everything on your own is difficult.

If you can afford it, you can hire help, like movers or cleaners. Not having to worry about cleaning your old place or the new one (or both) will de-stress your life and save you a lot of time.

If you do hire movers, however, be sure to read the fine print beforehand. Some moving companies, for example, will only move items that are in boxes, not trash bags. You don’t want to end up paying them more for something you didn’t know about from the beginning.

If you don’t want to spend the money on professional help, enlist family members and friends to help with packing and cleaning. It will make the process faster — and hopefully more fun.

You can also ask family members or close friends to watch your children (and maybe even pets) so you can get things done a little faster.

5. Label boxes specifically

As you pack, be sure to label your boxes well.

Write which items are in each box, but also label which room each box belongs in (kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, etc.) so it can be carried straight there. That way, as you unpack each room you aren’t shuffling “bathroom” boxes out of the kitchen just to get to the “bedroom” boxes stacked next to the refrigerator.

Also make your life easier by putting essentials (like toilet paper and phone chargers) in clear plastic bins so they’re easy to find right away.

6. Search for coupons

Before renting a moving truck or hiring help, search online for promo codes or coupons. Sometimes sites like, or other legitimate coupon sites, have discounts that can save you money.

Also take some time to compare pricing on moving or cleaning companies. Doing a little research before hiring can ensure you get the best deal.

7. Wrap fragile items in clothing and blankets

Dishes and other fragile items can be wrapped in clothing or blankets instead of bubble wrap, to help save some money. You can also use your own blankets or towels to help protect furniture in the moving truck, instead of renting moving blankets.

8. Rent a furniture dolly

These are worth the extra rental cost. They make moving heavy boxes and some furniture so much easier.

9. Take pictures

If you are renting, it’s a good idea to take photos of your old place before you leave, and your new place before you unpack. That way, you don’t get blamed for anything that wasn’t your fault; and hopefully get your deposit back.

It’s also smart to save conversations between you and your landlord in writing, in case there is ever an issue.

10. Use up the food you have instead of grocery shopping

Leading up to the move, try to make meals from the food you already have in your home. If you have less food come moving time, it’s less that goes to waste if you have to throw it out.

11. Use Press’n Seal

This stuff works wonders at keeping things in place. Use it over jewelry organizers to keep jewelry from tangling and getting lost. You could also wrap dresser drawers in it once they’re removed from a dresser so you don’t have to unpack all their contents. It’s great to use over laundry baskets or toy bins as well, to keep items from falling out.

Moving isn’t easy. But putting these tips to good use will make it a little more doable. You can do it!

Kelsi graduated with a journalism degree and is passionate about the written word and the power it has to bring more good into the world.

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