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2022 Wyoming Primary Election Results

Unofficial results from the 2022 Lincoln County Primary Election are in. Join Dan Dockstader as he discusses results beginning at 5:30 am Wednesday morning on both Swift 98.7 FM in Star Valley as well as The Spur (107.5 FM Kemmerer, 106.7/107.5 FM Star Valley).

The eyes of the nation were upon the Cowboy State on August 16 as incumbent Liz Cheney was challenged by Harriet Hageman for Wyoming’s lone U.S. House of Representatives position. Cheney had reportedly drawn the ire of Wyoming voters as part of the January 6 panel which investigated the events of that day at the Capitol. Wyoming had the highest percentage of voters for President Donald Trump in the 2020 election.

The intrigue didn’t last long as the Trump-supported Hageman romped to an easy and early win over Cheney by garnering 66% of the vote statewide.  She fared even better in Lincoln County by taking more than three-fourths of the total with 75.6% of the vote.

The Associated Press called the U.S. House race in favor of Harriet Hageman over incumbent Liz Cheney early on in the evening at approximately 8:30 pm.

At approximately 9 pm the Casper Star-Tribune called the Governor’s race in favor of incumbent Mark Gordon who is running for his second term. Gordon brought in a total of 98,644 votes statewide. Brent Bien enjoyed a strong showing with 47,491. In Lincoln County, Gordon claimed 57% of the vote with Bien pulling 33%.

As of 10:15 pm the Casper Star-Tribune called the Secretary of State race in favor of Rep. Chuck Gray over Sen. Tara Nethercott.  Gray totaled 74,030 votes to Nethercott’s 61,777. The vote in Lincoln County was much closer with Gray outpacing Nethercott by 108 votes. Senate President Dan Dockstader still garnered more than 9% of the vote in the county despite dropping out of the race more than a month ago to endorse the Cheyenne Senator.

Brian Schroeder (2,472) and Megan Degenfelder (1,547) paced the race for the State Superintendent of Public Instruction in Lincoln County. Degenfelder was named the winner in the state race.

The race for House District #21 drew nearly 3,000 votes as both Lane Allred and Jeremiah Hardesty were vying for the Republican nod to replace outgoing Representative Evan Simpson. Allred pulled 58.5% of the total with Hardesty taking 41.4%.

It was a tight race for Lincoln County Commissioner with two seats available. Former commissioner, Kent Connelly, came away with the top total of 2,337 votes. Teri Bowers was next with 2,281. Mel Shumway was next with 2,045, incumbent Robert Edward (Bob) King had 1,776 and Gregg R. Wilkes had 1,144. The top two will advance to the General Election. Scroll to the bottom of the page for numerical results.

Election results remain unofficial until certified by the Wyoming Secretary of State


Lincoln County: 15 of 15 precincts have reported

Wyoming House District 18: Scott Heiner (1,179)(97.6%)

Wyoming House District 20: Michael D. Schmid (226)(90%)  / Albert Sommers (26)(10.2%)

Wyoming House District 21: Lane Allred (1,745)(58.5%)  / Jeremiah Hardesty (1,235)(41.4%)

Wyoming House District 22: Andrew Byron (1,253)(97.4%)

Lincoln County Commissioner: Kent Connelly (2,337)(24.2%)  / Teri Bowers (2,281)(23.6%), Mel Shumway (2,045)(21.2%)  / Robert Edward King (1,776)(18.4%)  / Gregg R. Wilkes (1,144)(11.9%)

Lincoln County Sheriff: Shane Johnson (5,453)(97.3%)

Lincoln County Clerk: April Brunski (5,484)(99.8%)

Lincoln County Attorney: Spencer Allred (5,234)(98.9%)

Lincoln County Assessor: Debbie Larson (5,427)(99.1%)

Lincoln County Treasurer: Jerry L. Greenfield (5,305)(99.4%)

Lincoln County Coroner: Dain Schwab (5,480)(99.8%)

Clerk of District Court: Kenneth D. Roberts (5,277)(99.7%)

• State Races

United States Representative:  Harriet Hageman (4,886)(75.6%)  / Liz Cheney (1,221)(18.9%)

Governor: Mark Gordon (3,564)(57.5%)  / Brent Bien (2,068)(33.4%)  / Rex Rammell (454)(7.3%)

Secretary of State: Chuck Gray (2,426)(41.1%)  / Tara Nethercott (2,318)(39.3%)  / Mark Armstrong (590)(10.0%)

Superintendent of Public Instruction: Brian Schroeder (2,472)(45.6%)  / Megan Degenfelder (1,547)(28.6%)  / Jennifer Zerba (601)(11.1%)

For more detailed results including town races click here.

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