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3 Things Every New RVer Needs To Know

3 Things Every New RVer Needs To Know

Traveling the country in an RV is a sure way to see gorgeous landscapes, explore new places, and create incredible experiences everywhere you go. Like any new experience, though, preparing for your first big RV trip can be daunting. Fear not! While there is much to learn, you can boil it down to a few essential tips and tricks. You’ll pick up the rest throughout your travels. Are you ready to hit the road? Make the first trip—and every journey that follows—a success with this list of things every new RVer needs to know.

The Dimensions

Even if you’re a fantastic driver, an RV takes a little more expertise to move around safely. Before you leave on any big trips, make sure you’re familiar with the dimensions of your vehicle or trailer. Memorize the height of your RV so that you can avoid bridges or overpasses that are too low. You also need to pay attention to the length of your RV. Be sure to include any add-ons, such as a bike rack, in your calculations. It’s not a bad idea to practice maneuvering your RV before you leave, either. The more experience you have before you hit the road, the easier it’ll be to navigate winding park roads or tight campsites during your trip.

The Plumbing

Your RV’s plumbing system can make or break the entire trip. If everything is running smoothly, you can enjoy refreshing showers and fresh water for drinking and cooking throughout your entire adventure. However, if something goes wrong, things can quickly get messy. Take the time now to learn about the different parts of your RV’s plumbing system and what it takes to maintain them. You can prevent a lot of problems by simply taking good care of your system from the start.

Experience Is the Best Teacher

The RVing community is a friendly and supportive group, but there are only so many advice forums you can read before you start to feel overwhelmed. While there are many techniques to learn and products to equip your RV with, one of the most important things every new RV owner should know is that you will learn as you go. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes or ask others for help. Things will likely go wrong no matter how much you prepare. Don’t let it ruin your trip. Instead, learn from the incident so that you can better handle it the next time the problem occurs.