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Lincoln County mask mandate extended to January 4, 2021

The Lincoln County Public Health Order (2020-3) regarding face coverings in specific settings has been continued through January 4th. The order remains as it has been, with no modifications.

Lincoln County Health Officer Chris Krell, MD, issued a public health order requiring masks to be worn in Lincoln County. That order was issued on November 18.

The health order is effective through January 4, or “until such time as the Lincoln County Health Officer, with the State Health Officer’s approval, issues an order revoking or modifying the [mask] order.”

Under the health order, masks are required in all “retail and commercial businesses and government facilities open to the general public.” Notices of the face mask requirement must also be placed in a “clearly visible location at or near the entrance of the business or building.”

The mask requirement also includes “all employees, owners and volunteers of retail and commercial businesses and employees and volunteers of government facilities open to the general public.”