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5 Essential Boat Restoration Tips | Should I Restore My Boat?

Boat restoration is a complicated process, and not every boat makes for a good restoration project. A boat that’s heavily damaged or of an older model can be more trouble than it’s worth when it comes to a significant rebuild, but the primary problem with boat restoration comes when you underestimate the costs of such a massive overhaul. This is not a job for a novice—manual skills are required if you want to achieve a polished finish. With all this in mind, here are some boat restoration tips for the handyman and boat aficionado.

⦁ Choose the right boat.
This point needs emphasis—if you don’t have the right boat, you’ll be setting yourself up for failure down the line. For example, buying an old boat for the purpose of refinishing it is a recipe for disaster. Old boat restoration is incredibly costly, and the time and money you will likely spend attempting to make it suitable for use would be better spent buying an entirely new model.

⦁ Be realistic.
Even the handiest of handymen will encounter an obstacle that they don’t have the expertise to resolve. It’s not a reflection of your efforts if you need to call in professional services to help you with your boat—it’s an unavoidable part of undertaking such an intricate endeavor. Plan for those eventualities in your budget.

⦁ Estimate costs.
The success of your restoration depends on good money management, which in turn depends on a detailed elaborate budget and cost estimates. If you’re not qualified to make those estimates, consult someone who is. You’ll be much more prepared to tackle this task with a precise budget in mind!

⦁ Plan your restoration exactly.
This is not a “fly by the seat of your pants” kind of task. All components of your boat must be considered for restoration after a thorough examination. Many people home in on the cosmetic aspects of their new boat while ignoring mechanics like an out-of-date engine or a navigation system that is still powered by a compass. An engine may need minor tweaks or to be full replaced, and the difference in cost is pretty steep: it costs around $8,000 to rebuild two gas engines but $22,000 to install and replace them.

⦁ Make sure you’re in it for the long haul.
If you select the right boat, you can put yourself in a better position to finish it more quickly. It often takes thousands of hours of man-power to complete a project like this. If you’re not up for that possibility, then leave your boat in the hands of professionals.