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5 of the Best Hot Springs to Visit in Wyoming

Wyoming is full of amazing sights and history that draws people in from far and wide. For thousands of years, people have been charmed by one of its most famous attractions—hot springs. People from all over the world come to soak in the warm, healing waters while indulging in stunning views of the great state.

Hot springs come with many benefits. Similar to at-home pain relief products, hot springs offer a great source of comfort to those suffering from widespread aches and muscle fatigue. It can also help with blood circulation, stress relief, and dry skin. It’s no wonder that so many people rave about the hot springs experience in Wyoming.

If you’re planning an upcoming visit, be sure to check out five of the best hot springs in Wyoming.

Hot Springs State Park

Visitors to Hot Springs state park can use the free Bath House, which consists of both indoor and outdoor soaking pools. The hot mineral water remains at a 104° F to ensure that guests have a safe and positive experience. Attendants are available and towels can be rented for a small fee, making it a great place for families to experience everything Wyoming has to offer.

Boiling River Hot Springs

In the nation’s most famous national park, Yellowstone visitors can take advantage of the boiling river hot springs. Located at the north end of the park, the hot springs enter the Gardner River, leaving the water a perfect temperature to bathe in. There are some rules and regulations, so be sure to ⦁ look them over before visiting.

Granite Hot Springs

Available during the summer and winter seasons, Granite Hot Springs is a secluded sanctuary with plenty of scenery to take in on your journey there. Although it’s hidden away within the woods of Wyoming, the attraction is family-friendly, with access to restrooms, picnic tables, and informational kiosks.

Saratoga ⦁ Hot Springs Resort

A more modern way to enjoy this natural phenomenon, the Saratoga Resort and Spa offers guests access to an outdoor hot spring extravaganza. After taking a dip, schedule a visit to the healing waters spa. Here guests can make the most of their trip with Swedish massages and specially designed energy treatments to relax the mind.

Mammoth Hot Springs

One of the most popular spots within Yellowstone park, Mammoth hot springs blows visitors away with its colorful limestone and unique natural sculptures. Although you cannot soak at this location, it is definitely worth a visit. The multiple viewing terraces allow individuals to safely admire what many consider one of the most extraordinary spots in the United States.