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7 of the Best Lakes in Wyoming Filled with Natural Wonder
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7 of the Best Lakes in Wyoming Filled with Natural Wonder

Wyoming is a haven of natural wonders, from its abundance of trees and mountains to, of course, its beautiful lakes. Bring yourself back to nature and check out seven of the best lakes in Wyoming.

  1. Yellowstone Lake

yellowstone Lake

There are few places as beautiful as Yellowstone National Park, and Yellowstone Lake is its crowning jewel. Yellowstone Lake is the park’s largest lake at an impressive size of 35,0000 hectares. All along these blue waters you’ll find camp grounds, hiking trails, and tons of fishing spots. For an immersive experience, canoe or kayak through its waters.

  1. Phelps Lake

phelps Lake

Surrounded by picturesque trees and towering mountain peaks, Phelps Lake is truly an oasis. Situated in Grand Teton National Park, this area serves as the entrance to Death Canyon. Stroll around the perimeter of the lake to get all the views this lake has to offer. For the more adventurous at heart, leap off its surrounding rocks and dive into the clear waters.

  1. Jackson Lake

jackson Lake

As you approach Jackson Lake, snowy-capped mountains line the horizon and create a view filled with natural wonder. If you love water skiing or windsurfing, you’re in luck. Jackson Lake permits people to participate in both, as well as some other water activities. Jackson Lake guarantees a great time with even better views.

  1. Lake Solitude

lake Solitude

To get to Lake Solitude, fittingly, you must first complete an impressive hike. Once you’ve trekked this difficult trail, you’ll be greeted by the stunning natural beauty of Lake Solitude. Surrounded by mountains, trees, and charming wildflowers, this spot is the perfect reward for the strenuous hike required to reach it.

  1. Leigh Lake

leigh Lake

Panoramic views of mountains, and their stunning reflections in the water, make Leigh Lake one of the best lakes in Wyoming. It’s not the largest lake on the list, but that only adds to its charm. When you’re in this immersive space, it will feel as if you’re in paradise.

  1. Jenny Lake

Jenny Lake

If there’s one lake you should take a boat ride in, it’s got to be Jenny Lake. Formed over 12,000 years ago, this lake is surrounded by trees, rocks, and picturesque peaks, creating a varied and fascinating terrain. To see it from the land, there are several hiking trails you can take. Spend as much time as you can at Jenny Lake, because there’s truly no other spot like it.

  1. Trout Lake

Trout Lake

There’s no better spot for fishermen than Trout Lake, especially if cutthroat trout are your game of choice. You’ll be joined by many others looking to catch the beauties, creating a fun and friendly atmosphere. The land around this lake is wide open and make the far-off mountain peaks even more stunning. Best of all, this lake is renowned for the river otters that populate its shoreline. If you’re lucky enough, you may catch a glimpse of them playing.