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Allred Performance and Rehabilitation open for business in Afton

Kevin Allred is a native to Afton and at the beginning of the year opened a new physical therapy clinic in the town called Allred Performance and Rehabilitation.

He worked for a while at a clinic in Boise, Idaho before moving back to Star Valley and decided recently he wanted to open his own business.

“I’ve got 10 years experience as a physical therapist,” Allred said. “Working from a huge range of patient populations from younger kids to the elderly.”

He says he has worked with a lot of scenarios from sports injuries to general weakness to correcting balance issues. He says while some people think of physical therapy as a place you come to after having surgery, that’s only a part of the work.

“That is a big part of what physical therapy is,” Allred said. “But another big part is just taking care of every day aches and pains. Whether it’s something you’ve been dealing with for a number of years, whether it’s something that started two days ago.”

He says the company treats pretty much head to toe and he says some of the things he does for treatments is a bit “out of the box”. He says he does a lot of things you would normally expect when seeing a physical therapist.

“I also do a lot of fascia work and that’s kind of what I specialize in,” Allred said. “It can work on anything from jaw pain, just extremity pain, backs. I work on people’s faces whether that’s jaws or sinuses.”

He says fascia is a connective tissue have throughout the body and it can be responsible for a lot of the pains humans have. He says what he is trying to do is change the alignment of fascia or fix alignment issues that creates pain.

He also says they do take insurance and reminds people that some insurances require a referral from a physician. However, you are free to stop by the clinic to get a feel for what they do. You can set up private pay or his company will work with insurance.

The office is located at 533 Allred Road in Afton. Appointments can be made by calling (307) 248-7576.