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Avalanche danger “moderate” above 7,500 feet; snowmachines could trigger hard slab

Warming temperatures combined with wind and a recent heavy snow have all contributed to unsteady snow conditions in the region according to the most recent forecasts from from Jackson Hole Avalanche.

“Warmer temperatures and abundant sunshine will be increasing the avalanche hazard. Loose snow sloughs are possible on steep sunlit slopes. Skiers and riders could trigger surface slabs on steep avalanche prone slopes. Larger triggers like snowmachines and cornice failures could trigger dangerous deep hard slab avalanches. Conservative terrain choices are warranted. Avalanches are unlikely below an elevation of 7,500 feet.”

It has been a deadly season for recreational snowmobilers in the area with multiple deaths in Western Wyoming and Eastern Idaho this winter.

A Utah man died as 2018 began in the Commissary area on January 1.

Another Utah man died near Jackson Hole Mountain Resort on February 19. Just days later, an Idaho Falls man was killed by an avalanche in Idaho’s Fremont County east of Palisades.



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