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Believe in Ghosts? This video may change your mind.

Some spooky video footage from a school in Ireland may make you rethink your beliefs about ghosts.  Surveillance cameras captured the events that unfolded at 3:00 am at Deerpark CBS school in Cork, Ireland.  The footage shows a door in the hallway slamming shut, lockers rocking back and forth, a locker opening with paper falling out and a plastic sign on the floor flipping over.  All while no one is seen.

Deerpark deputy principal Aaron Wolfe told TODAY that “People have suggested that we’ve used a green screen, or edited someone out.  I wish our school had these types of resources. Others have suggested that fishing line is used. I don’t see how fishing line could open the locker because the locker doors don’t stay closed unless the latch on it is turned.”

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