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UPDATE: Head-on collision results in fatality on US 89


SVI News would like to thank and recognize the access and compassion shown by the Wyoming Highway Patrol in regards to getting timely information on this incident. – 

Just before 9:30 pm on Saturday May 13, 2023, a head-on collision took place at milepost 113 just south of Ames curve on U.S. 89 between Etna and Alpine.

According to information from the Wyoming Highway Patrol (WHP) a white pickup heading from Alpine southbound to Etna had entered the far northbound lane.

A Ford Expedition traveling northbound to Jackson was unable to determine the driver’s motives so they continued to their left in an effort to avoid an accident. The driver of the pickup reportedly swerved back attempting to get back into the proper lane of travel when they collided head-on.

Everyone, including six in total, survived in the SUV. According to WHP, the passengers of the SUV were part of a Jackson lacrosse team. The driver was flown to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center and one other passenger was transported to a medical facility in Salt Lake City.

According to the WHP, injuries ranged from a punctured foot to possible severe spinal trauma.

The driver of the white pickup was not wearing a seatbelt  and was found dead at the scene.

Witnesses on the highway reported to WHP that they were traveling at the speed limit of 65 miles per hour and were passed by the pickup so speed at impact is being estimated between 70 and 75 miles per hour. Reportedly the driver had also swerved at least twice prior to the collision.

The incident is still under investigation by the WHP and it is unknown what other factors may have contributed to the crash.

The name of the deceased is Forrest Jensen, age 31, as released by the WHP.

According to the WHP website, this would be the 47th fatality on Wyoming roadways in 2023 to date compared to 32 in both 2022 and 2021

Alpine EMS, the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office and other agencies responded to the crash.


Original Information: 

Multiple emergency vehicles responded to a two-vehicle collision on U.S. 89 late Saturday night south of Alpine . Traffic was blocked in both directions, while Star Valley EMS, WHP and the LC Sheriff’s Office attended to the scene. A formal response from WHP is expected later today.

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  1. Ummmmmmmm there are absolutely 0 lines painted on this road. The accident was in front of where I live literally … We have been on multiple near accidents coming into to out home because of there being no lines or EXTREMELY faded lines from the previous road before the five line add-on. This has been neglected for months and months now.

    • I travel this road all the time!!!! For one in my opinion..when the ppl are changing shifts out at the mines it is crazy . They pass doing over 90.. and the roads are narrow. I drive a big dually and yeah it’s narrow at points. The road during the day is hard to see what should be lines painted but there not. If it was patrolled more for the hour changes and the ones racing and blowing by people it may get better. If not I’m afraid there will be more accidents. I never believed it when I moved to gillwhen I was told they have this thing called GILLE SYNDROME… yeah that’s what I thought …what is that ..well if you type in Gillette Wyoming and the words Gillette SYNDROME you will see that is a true fact. If things were done differently with that Gillette area would be a lot nicer place. This is just more reason this should be addressed.

      • WOW … Wikipedia states .. “Gillette Syndrome is the social disruption that can occur in a community due to rapid population growth. Such disruptions usually include INCREASED CRIME, degraded mental health, weakened social and community bonds, ABNORMALLY HIGH COST OF LIVING and other social problems.
        Gillette Syndrome is most relevant to boomtowns that are growing rapidly due to nearby natural resource extraction, such as coal mining or natural gas drilling.”

        An entire article should be written about this and how our “small” towns will be coping. Are those in power looking at affordable housing, limiting the amount and type of houses being built to slow “the boom”, increasing law enforcement, making sure the infrastructure can take this burden, and much more??

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