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Emily Martin

New playground equipment for Box H Park has been purchased

Emily Martin from the Box H Park Board of Directors says the new playground equipment they have been raising money for has now been purchased. She says they are expecting to get it by Spring or whenever the “Wyoming winter”…

SVI Radio Interview: Emily Martin, Box H Park Playground

Box H Park reaches fundraiser goal

• Thanks to community auction, new playground planned for spring. A Facebook Fundraiser auction has pushed the Box H Park across the finish line of their community fundraising goal, making it possible for the park’s Board of Directors to move…

Aug. 23: Emily Martin, Box H Park Car Show and Cornhole

Enjoy an authentic drive-in movie experience this week in Fairview

◆ Box H Park gates open at 7:30 on Thursday, September 29 Fans of drive-in movies will be thrilled to know that “Night at the Museum” is scheduled for a showing on Thursday, September 29 at the Box H Park…