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Brian Summers and Nita Coyle win 2019 Mountain Man Triathlon

By Dahl Erickson, SVI Media

With conditions at 8 a.m. in Alpine on Saturday June 22 flirting with temperatures near 40 degrees and water temperatures at roughly 51 degrees, it was a brisk beginning to the 2019 Mountain Man Triathlon.

According to Star Valley Health, Brian Summers completed the swim across the Snake River, the 17K biking course through the Alpine foothills and the 6K run to the finish line in a time of just over an hour with an official time of 1:03:31.3. Derek Dutton was second to finish with a time of 1:09:48.4.




The fastest team, High Mountain Hot Sauce finished with a time of 1:13:30.8 with the three team members of Cache Kennington, Zeke Mendenhall and Matt Harris.

The winner of the women’s division was Nita Coyle who crossed the tape in a time of 1:15:55.0. Katie O’Connell was second in the women’s race with a time of 1:19:16.0.

Competitors braved the cold waters of the Snake River for the 2019 Mountain Man Tri-athlon. (SVI Photo by Dan Dockstader)

• 2019 Women’s Results:
Nita Coyle (1:15:55.0)
Katie O’Connell (1:19:16.0)
Brantly Sydnor (1:36:32.2)
Kristi Allred (1:38:38.2)
Shari Hofhiens (1:40:38.4)
Amanda Cuevas (1:41:46.7)
Kristen Heikkila (1:48:09.0)
Heather Torriente (1:51:55.6)
Tagen McEntire (1:57:18.3)
Tiffani Nelson (1:58:39.3
Laurie Coates (1:58:45.4)
Rachelle Lindblom (1:49:25.8)
Linnlee Melcher (2:01:51.1)
Ayesha Jolley (2:09:37.3)
Lisa Jolley (2:09:37.8)

•2019 Mens Results:
Brian Summers (1:03:31.3)
Derek Dutton (1:09:48.4)
Dylan Anderson (1:19:35.0)
Sam Barrett (1:21:29.4)
Dave Hardesty (1:23:09.2)

A swim across the Snake River, a 17-kilometer bicycling route and a 6-kilometer run comprise the Mountain Man Triathlon. (SVI Photo by Dan Dockstader)

Kyle McLain (1:24:06.7)
Joseph Wycheck (1:25:21.7)
Marty Kleeman (1:25:40.0)
Patrick McNerney (1:25:40.6)
Aaron Biros (1:27:36.7)
Gordon Garrett (1:27:46.2)
Rick Jorgensen (1:28:25.1)
Josh Miller (1:28:51.1)
Joshua Michaelson (1:31:07.0)
Franklin Powell (1:31:09.7)
Cory Frome (1:31:12.5)
Daniel Thompson (1:34:01.8)
Chet Titensor (1:37:09.9)
Troy Barnum (1:37:24.4)
Robert Campbell (1:38:01.6)
Garrett Gore (1:38:26.2)
Adam Michaelson (1:39:50.3)
Jacob Gore (1:44:30.9)
Ben Shafer (1:44:58.7)
Gary Fralick (1:49:41.9)
Jared Johnson (1:54:14.7)
Aaron Gore (2:01:14.9)

• Team Results:
High Mountain Hot Sauce: (1:13:30.8)
(Cache Kennington, Zeke Mendenhall & Matt Harris)
Last Minute Tri: 1:26:08.4)
(Katie Jorgensen, Jaclyn Shockey & Deana Jorgensen)
Gen 3: (1:27:36.7)
(Heather Wilson, Jim Jarvie John Dorius)
Average Joes Gym: (1:39:59.8)
(Ryan Blair, Shawn Starita & Larry Tucceri)
Miracle Whipped: (1:43:27.1)
(Stacey Clyde & Jennifer Frome)
Plan B: (2:23:33.9)
(Kathy Neibaur & Shanelle Titensor)

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