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Unsportsmanlike Conduct: Aaron And Dahl Feud Over Uniforms

Who has the best uniform in the NFL? Who has the best helmet in college football? Is Yellow the same as gold? All on this weeks episode of Unsportsmanlike Conduct.   Spotify: Podbean: Youtube:

Unsportsmanlike Conduct: Arlington Renegades Win XFL Championship!

Aaron’s Arlington Renegades defeat Dahl’s DC Defenders in the XFL Championship in one of the great upsets in spring league football history, the Chicago Bulls hopes and dreams rest on the ping pong balls tonight, the brightness of the future…

Unsportsmanlike Conduct: Blackhawks Win The Bedard Sweepstakes! XFL Championship Game Preview

Aaron and Dahl discuss the NHL Draft Lottery results, the upcoming XFL championship, announcers across the country putting their feet in their mouths, and more.   Spotify: Podbean: Youtube:

Unsportsmanlike Conduct: NFL Draft Reactions, Who Was The Biggest Steal? And Aaron Gets Angry With Jerry Reinsdorf

Aaron and Dahl break down what happened and what they thought of the NFL draft this past weekend, was Michael Mayer to the Raiders the best value pick of the draft? The XFL Championship game comes down to Aaron’s Renegades…


On the latest episode of the Why Your Story Podcast, Travis and MJ check in with a longtime Star Valley rancher and farmer, Blair Hillstead.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct: NFL Draft 2023 Special

Aaron and Dahl break down the upcoming NFL draft and all the biggest stories surrounding it, Aaron Rodgers going to the New York Jets, Shohei Ohtani being the talent of a generation, and the Stanley Cup Playoffs in full swing…

WHY YOUR STORY PODCAST: It’s called a flip-flop

Travis and MJ get a little goofy in this hilarious episode of the Why Your Story Podcast. The image below is Mary Jo’s artistic take of a flip-flop. Easy there, da Vinci! This episode is a must listen.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct: We Are Back!

After 2 weeks off, Aaron and Dahl return to discuss March Madness, the Caitlyn Clark vs Angel Reese business, the Boston Bruins record breaking season, and the fallout of a controversial Wrestlemania booking decision.   Spotify: Podbean: Youtube:

Unsportsmanlike Conduct: USA vs Japan, World Baseball Classic Championship + Wyoming Losing Everyone To Transfer Portal

Aaron and Dahl discuss the championship game in a world war 2 rematch for the world baseball classic tonight, Wyoming basketball being pillaged for it’s talent, DJ Moore being potentially the next Stefon Diggs, the Detroit Lions gearing up for…