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Common Causes of Wyoming's Dangerous Roads

Common Causes of Wyoming’s Dangerous Roads

In 2019, Wyoming was deemed one of the most dangerous states to drive in, coming in at the second most dangerous. Rural roads, harsh weather, and a greater presence of wildlife are a few of the common causes of Wyoming’s dangerous roads.

Rural Roads Present Greater Dangers

While many might assume overly congested cities would be the most common areas of dangerous driving conditions, rural roads present much greater risks. Rural roads often have much higher speed limits, making quick reactions difficult and the risk of life-threatening injuries much greater than a collision at 25 miles per hour.

Rural roads also tend to have much less street lighting, making driving in the dark even more dangerous, especially on the inconsistent surfaces that are often present on backroads. Potholes, gravel roads, and the lack of a safe shoulder to pull over to all present greater risks to drivers in Wyoming than a busy New York City street does.

Wyoming Winters

In 2018, Wyoming was named the worst state for winter driving. Because Wyoming accumulates so much snowfall and it’s such a large state with a small population, there are tons of open snowy roads for drivers to tackle during their winter commutes.

With the addition of the dangers that rural roads present, snowfall only makes these routes even more dangerous in the winter months.

Roaming Wildlife

While running into another car may be a common worry in overcrowded cities, wildlife is an extreme hazard to rural Wyoming roads. Animals such as deer, elk, bears, moose, sheep, and antelope can all be seen from the roadside.

The possibility of hitting one of these animals could result in a deadly outcome for you and the animal. Before worrying about what to do when you hit a deer or another animal, it is best to always remind yourself to keep an eye out for any roadside wildlife.

Wyoming’s roads are full of dangers unique to the west. Rural roads, winter weather, and roaming wildlife are a few of the common causes of Wyoming’s dangerous roads.