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Could you stay off your smartphone for a year? You could win $100,000 from Vitaminwater

Could you spend an entire year without your smartphone? If the answer is yes, you might want to look into Vitaminwater’s next challenge.

What’s going on: Vitaminwater will award $100,000 to anyone who can go an entire year without a smartphone, CNBC reports.

  • You can enter the contest by submitting a Twitter or Instagram post that includes the hashtags #NoPhoneForAYear and #Contest, explaining what you would do for that year if you didn’t have a phone.

Date: The contest entry date is Jan. 8, 2019.

Next steps: The company will select one contestant on Jan. 22. That person will be awarded a 1996-era cellphone, which will they have to use.

  • You will be allowed to use laptops and computers. But smartphones and tablets are strictly off-limits, according to BGR.

Don’t worry: You can still use Amazon Echo and Google Home.

Prizes: If you last an entire year, congrats: You get $100,000.

  • If you last only six months, $10,000 will come your way.
  • “Oh, and Vitaminwater will be verifying your honesty. Before receiving the money, the contestant will need to submit to a lie-detector test,” according to CNBC.