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Council of Catholic Women to host community flea market Saturday

A community flea market and rummage sale will take place on Saturday, July 27 in the Holy Family Catholic Church parking lot. The event will be open from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. and is under the direction of the Council of Catholic Women.

The whole idea behind the community flea market started with a casual conversation. Rosa Montano, CCW President and Donna Kelsey, CCW Vice President, started talking about how they liked to go to flea markets and antique stores.

“A light bulb moment went off and the realization that it would be wonderful to have one here locally in Star Valley while fundraising for a good cause emerged,” said Montano. “One hundred percent of proceeds go to the Council of Catholic Women’s Giving Heart Fund which will serve the needs of Holy Family Parish and local Star Valley residents as well as local community charities.”

The community flea market is open to anyone who would like to purchase space.

According to Montano, this type of event benefits the Star Valley Community in a number of different ways.

“The ability for our Star Valley community to have a community-wide flea market in one location is one benefit,” she said. “It creates a sense of community. There is joy in gathering for a good cause. This is sure to be a fun time for all involved.”

In addition to the rummage sale, area crafters and vendors and food trucks are also invited to participate, Montano said.

“It is recommended to reserve a space prior to the flea market event, but, rummage sellers and vendors are able to pay for a space the day of the event on a first come, first serve basis and if space is still available,” Montano said.

Set-up will take place on Saturday, July 27 beginning at 7 a.m.

• About the Council of Catholic Women
The Holy Family Catholic Church has a 24-member Council of Catholic Women, with a core of 13 active ladies in the Council. The Holy Family CCW came together after the respected Deacon Bill Hill approached one of the Parish ladies to consider initiating a CCW.

On December 14, 2016, the Holy Family CCW originated with a handful of ladies who expressed passion in establishing a sisterhood that would garner an engaged solid support system. The beginnings of the CCW Ministry saw the establishment of friendship bonds by having monthly meetings to organize church events such as movie nights, Halloween parties, and Easter Egg Hunts.

In August 2018, due to a relocation by the exiting President, there was a change of leadership. Rosa Montano became President and Donna Kelsey became Vice-President. Under new management, the decision was made to regroup, reassess and see where the CCW Ministry wanted to go.

The CCW added a focus on fundraising in order to increase the Giving Heart Fund. Increased funding would allow the reach of the fund to expand to assist not only Holy Family’s church parishioners but the local community members.

The Giving Heart Fund will provide the ministries of Financial Assistance Programs and Meal Delivery Programs, just to name a few.

The CCW will be hosting more fundraising events like: a chili-cook off, trivia night, movie night and fashion show.

For more information on the Council of Catholic Women or the upcoming community flea market, contact Rosa at or Donna at