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Dead & Gone in Wyoming: A Podcast Highlighting Mystery, Intrigue in Cowboy State

Wyoming, like anywhere, has its fair share of mystery and murder. While some cases are well-known and remembered, others have faded off into the sunset much like a Wyoming evening with the cool air overcoming the night.  Many of these mysteries and tales of murder are being retold now through a podcast entitled “Dead & Gone in Wyoming,” which I have stumbled across in recent searches for audio content pertaining to The Equality State.  The podcast is extremely well-written, with careful historical research and investigation of the facts obvious. The series is intriguing not only for residents of Wyoming, who find themselves gasping when their hometown is mentioned, but also for non-Wyomingites. The tales in the podcast are truly fascinating, sucking in anyone who enjoys a good mystery. Ever heard why Bomber Mountain is called by such a name?  What about a bombing that killed three people in Evanston? Is there still possibly a serial killer on the loose in the Great Basin region?

Perhaps the crux of the series is the delivery method of the stories by podcast producer Scott Fuller. He is a broadcaster and journalist currently living in Austin, Minnesota. Scott worked for a time as a broadcaster in Riverton, Wyoming before moving on to other locations. Wyoming’s fascinating history of murders and mysteries never seemed to move on from Scott, however. A few years ago, a former colleague of Scott’s working at in Fremont County approached Fuller about producing a podcast for the media company. The idea for the podcast was to be centered around true crime. Fuller was intrigued by the idea, and after adapting the concept to incorporate historical elements and storytelling, he immersed himself into Wyoming’s deepest murders and mysteries.

“Dead & Gone in Wyoming” is not for the faint of heart. A statement at the beginning of each episode warns of listener discretion as discussion surrounding details of some murders can be intense and detailed. The masterful tales by Fuller lure you in and allow the imagination to wander as the well-written scripts pull you in deeper and deeper to the tragic or unknown.

If you’re looking for a well-produced podcast series to get hooked into, I highly recommend “Dead & Gone in Wyoming.” You can listen on any platform including Apple, Spotify, and practically any other podcast host provider.

I recently had a great conversation with Scott Fuller regarding the series.  Listen to the entire conversation below, which includes a sneak preview into an episode: