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EMS Merger to Deliver Unprecedented 911 Service and Care to Star Valley

Star Valley Health EMS, Thayne EMS, and Alpine EMS have agreed to merge into one operating entity and partner together to deliver unprecedented 911 service and care throughout the Star Valley.

The agreement pools each entity’s resources together to provide a sustainable future for EMS in the valley.  Although Star Valley Health will own, operate, and bear the ongoing financial risk of the partnership, both Thayne and Alpine EMS will retain their town names on the ambulances and will participate in shared governance of EMS.

Why these services are merging
Our communities have relied on the outstanding work of dedicated volunteers to provide Emergency Medical Services. In recent years, it has been difficult to recruit enough volunteers, sometimes resulting in long response times for 911 calls. In addition, funding these services has become increasingly difficult for local communities. This merger provides sustainable funding and will improve response times and overall public safety.
For additional information, contact: Trevor Merritt, Vice President of Human Relations Star Valley Health 307-885-5845.

• Quotes:
“The timing’s right for this merger. There are a lot of great people who have served in EMT and EMS. They need to be complemented for the job they have done through the years. By working together with others it will just get better.”
Commissioner Jerry Harmon, Lincoln County

“When the hospital presented the idea to me, the town council, and the volunteers it was the best solution. Star Valley Health has agreed to staff a paramedic as soon as possible. With higher education and more training, we’ll see more specialized and more uniform care. Nothing but good will come from it.”
Devin Simpson, Mayor of Thayne

“I’m very excited about this merger. It’s something we’ve been talking about for seven years. As our valley grows substantially it’s important to have access to medical care as quickly as possible. With the combination of full-time paramedics and our wonderful volunteers we’ll have the support we need.”
Kathleen Buyers, Mayor of the Town of Star Valley Ranch

“This merger is going to give us the 24/7 coverage we’re looking for and the financial support of Star Valley Health. Our volunteers have worked their hearts out for us. Now this merger is the best thing moving forward to get better care and coverage for the entire county.”
Kennis Lutz, Mayor of Alpine

“I am so grateful for the leadership of Alpine EMS, Thayne EMS, Star Valley EMS, and Star Valley Health who worked to make this partnership a reality over the last 12 months. As we align the EMS services throughout the Star Valley it will help patients receive professional care and assure our community that when they dial 911 they will get a quick response to their emergency.”
Dan Ordyna, CEO, Star Valley Health

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