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Fill Your Nights With These Hobbies for Insomniacs

Fill Your Nights With These Hobbies for Insomniacs

If you can’t sleep at night, you’re used to watching the hours creep by as your anxiety worsens. It can feel like a waste to while away the nights in boredom and frustration. Trade in some of that tossing and turning for time better spent pursuing a new passion with these hobbies for insomniacs.

Star Valley is particularly well-suited for outdoor adventure, even at night. With a good headlamp and rechargeable batteries, you can transform just about any hobby into a nocturnal one. Those endorphins can be a healthier release than obsessing about your insomnia. And if your goal is to get back to sleep, we’ve included soothing activities to help you on your way.


Those constellations up there are your landmarks as you find your way around the night sky. A phone app can show you what to look for, and local clubs may even host meetups. If you don’t want to commit to a telescope, in the beginning, you’d be surprised what you can see with a good set of binoculars—even some craters on the moon.


If you consider fishing to be a peaceful pastime, you haven’t tried bowfishing. The growing sport combines fishing with hunting as you try to catch fish with a hunting bow. In Wyoming, it’s only permissible with non-game fish, often carp. With the right equipment, it’s an off-season way to keep your skills sharp, and there’s probably a great bowfishing spot near you.


Even beginners will enjoy the beauty of capturing the world in low-level lighting. A tripod will help, since it takes a camera 10 seconds to record a nocturnal image. Night photography has a slower pace and more concentrated opportunity to get familiar with your camera’s manual mode.

True Crime

If you’re drawn to mystery and have a thirst for justice, you’ll find a thriving community on the internet that enjoys solving crimes and cold cases. True crime podcasts are leading the charge, and series such as HBO’s I’ll Be Gone in the Dark and Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries are inspiring web sleuths. Quiet nights will give you the time to explore theories and electronically track down leads.


Provided that you take safety precautions, running at night may be better for you than during the day. If you’re afraid that high-intensity exercise will make your insomnia worse, research is finding that the opposite is true. The area of the brain involved in lowering body temperature is also involved in promoting sleep. So get out there, and enjoy Star Valley’s spectacular scenery in the dark.

We hope that these ideas will pique your interest and help to pass those long nights. Some of these hobbies for insomniacs may even wear you out so that you can finally get some sleep.