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Fireman’s Ball set for Saturday

◆ Camo and Glitter event brings back a bit of history.

Saturday, February 15 the Alpine Fire and EMS will host the Camo and Glitter Cupid’s Second Chance Fireman’s Ball. The event will take place at the Alpine Air Park. Doors open at 6 p.m. Dinner will be served at 7 p.m. Live music and dancing will take place through midnight.

“The Alpine Fireman’s Ball was a highly anticipated annual event at one time,” said Al Brokofsky, training officer for Alpine EMS. “But times changed and it faded away. So we’re excited to bring it back for a new generation.”

Tickets for the event are $100 per person. The ticket includes dinner, a free drink ticket and an evening of live music. The band for the night is Tasha and the Goodfellows. Dinner will be catered by the Flying Saddle Resort.

There will be a free photo booth on site.

“This event is not intended as a ‘fund raiser,’” said Brokofsky. “[We] are more than happy to break even hosting this event. However any left over proceeds will go to support Alpine Fire/EMS.”

“The Fireman’s Ball is absolutely for and about the community,” Brokofsky said. “It’s an appreciation gathering for all of the public who live in our service area. It’s for all of the business’s that support us. It’s for the town of Alpine itself. It is also meant to honor our volunteer members in Fire and EMS and their families.”

“I can’t say enough about how much family support it takes for a volunteer to be able to respond to calls,”

Brokofsky added. “The volunteers’ have kid’s and businesses or jobs to go to. Plans are changed instantly when the pager goes off and it takes the whole family to adjust and make sacrifices to this.”

The Fireman’s Ball is a chance to bring people together to celebrate all the good things in life, Brokofsky said.

“We are trying to bring the community and the volunteers together under one roof in a festive type atmosphere with dinner and dance,” he said. “That’s why we chose an aircraft hanger for the event. It’s completely unique. How many of us have attended a formal event in an aircraft hanger before?”

According to Brokofsky, the choice to hold the ball in February was easy to make.

“We specifically chose to have the event in February when most of us at the end of our rope with the short cold days of a long Wyoming winter,” he said. “It’s rare that the ladies get the chance to dress up. We also wanted it to be comfortable for the guy’s — so they can relax in their well broken in Camo (hopefully washed after hunting season).”

According to Brokofsky, as the area continues to grow, it is important for first responders and towns to work together.

“Alpine Fire and EMS, local businesses, and the town need to work together,” he said. “What better way to bridge this gap than having us all under one roof for a festive event such as this?”

On February 15 firefighters will be directing parking. The hanger will be set up and decorated with a stage for the band. Reserved tables will be marked and the remaining tables are open seating.

There will be a full bar with table service.

“We will have a double sided serving line with a carving station set up at the end,” said Brokofsky. “There’s a choice of Prime Rib or King Salmon with an assortment of sides and dessert on the menu. The music will be geared at getting people on the floor and dancing. Alpine Fire and EMS would like to remind people to please drink responsibly. We would also like to thank the community for the overwhelming support we have already received in hosting this event.”