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Firemen and EMS from Thayne respond to structure fire in Idaho

Thursday morning, October 3, the Thayne Volunteer Fire Department and Thayne EMS Service received a call for help from first responders in Bonneville County, Idaho. The emergency call came into the Lincoln County Dispatch Center at approximately 2:30 a.m.
“They had a structure fire,” said Toby Merritt, Thayne Fire Chief. “The structure was fully engulfed in flames. They had been battling mechanical issues with their engine and they ran out of water and were asking for our assistance. We responded with an engine and a tanker truck. Thayne EMS also responded.”
The fire was located on the Greys Lake Road north of Wayan.
“It took us about 35 minutes to get there,” said Merritt. “We were able to assist the Soda Springs Fire Department.”
According to Merritt, the scenario illustrates why having the necessary equipment in good working order is critical to any rural fire department.
The Thayne Volunteer Fire Department, Town of Thayne, Town of Star Valley Ranch and Lincoln County Commissioners are working to gather signatures of area property owners in order to create a Mid Valley Fire District. The deadline to have the necessary signatures is November 1, 2019.
According to the Merritt, the primary reason for a fire district relates to department funding and being able to have the type of equipment and training a fire department needs to do its job.
For more information on the Mid Valley Fire District, contact the Town of Star Valley Ranch (307) 883-8696; or the Town of Thayne (307) 883-2668.