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Five Sleigh Rides in Eastern Idaho and Western Wyoming

Sleigh riding is an incredible way to relax and take in breathtaking landscapes during the cold winter months. There are a plethora of beautiful locations that allow sleigh riding in Eastern Idaho and Western Wyoming. Whether it’s viewing herds of elk or craning your neck to see snowcapped mountains, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Take a look at five of our favorite places for sleigh rides in Eastern Idaho and Western Wyoming.

5 Places for Sleigh Rides in Eastern Idaho and Western Wyoming



Jackson, WY

Adventure awaits at the National Elk Refuge. Your guide will bring you through the breathtaking sights and take you within 20 feet of the elk and plenty of other wildlife. Taking place during light hours, this sleigh ride will bring you closer to nature.



Jackson, WY

With stunning views and over 1,800 head of elk around, you’ll want to keep your eyes and camera at the ready at Mill Iron Ranch. They’ll take you on a nighttime adventure through rustic Wyoming and tell you all there is to know about the area. After they lead you through the picturesque mountains and trails, you’ll enjoy a dinner of the ranch’s world-famous T-bone steak.



Ririe, ID

You’ll want to get here at 6:15 PM to get the full experience—from delicious hot cider and a wonderful sleigh ride to a fabulous dinner with hilarious entertainment, Mountain River Ranch has everything you need to thoroughly enjoy your evening. Thousands of lights decorate the ranch, showing that there’s no shortage of holiday cheer, and as you sleigh ride across the snow-covered fields, you’ll fall even more in love with the beauty nature has in store.



Victor, ID

If you’re looking to adventure in the Tetons, Linn Canyon Ranch is the place for you. With hot chocolate in hand, you’ll pile under the blankets and take off on your charming sleigh ride. Llamas and horses are just a few of the diverse creatures you’ll see on your trip. A delicious gourmet meal will be served when you arrive; you’ll end the night full of food, nature, and love.



Wilson, WY

With a total of five sleigh rides available, including dinner and hot chocolate options, you’re sure to find a delightful ride at Jackson Hole Vintage Adventures. You’ll enjoy snacks in a tipi under the stars or delicious appetizers with wildlife right next door. These sleigh rides are so beautiful, you’ll never forget the stunning sights and mouth-watering food.