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Food drive underway to benefit food banks in Thayne and Alpine

◆ Community food drive to continue through November 15.

The Fall Food Drive is now underway to benefit the food banks in Thayne and Alpine. The drive is replacing the traditional Scouting for Food Drive traditionally held each October in Star Valley.

“We have donation bins at churches and at the post offices in our [Lower Valley] communities as well as the grocery stores,” said Julie Buckley of the Thayne Food Pantry. “This is a community wide effort and we are grateful to all of the different organizations that are helping with this.”

According to Buckley, the area food banks are looking to stock their shelves for the fall and winter seasons.
“The need for the kinds of services we offer continues to grow,” she said. “We have been so blessed and continue to be blessed by the tremendous generosity of the people in this area.”

According to Buckley, the list of items most needed by the Thayne Food Bank and the Alpine Food Bank includes the following.
• Sugar
• Crunchy Peanut Butter
• Baked Beans
• Canned Chicken
• Mandarin oranges
• Apricots
• Bisquick
• Chicken Broth
• Vegetable Oil
• and Pancake Mix

In addition to donations of non-perishable food items, cash donations are also being accepted, Buckley said. Any cash donations made to the local food banks are used to purchase food supplies, she said.
For more information on the Fall Food Drive to benefit the food banks in Thayne and Alpine, call the Thayne Food Bank at (307) 880-FOOD.