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Gifts of Grace asking for donations to help victims of human trafficking

Gifts of Grace is asking the public for donations to provide help for victims of human trafficking in particular for a specific city in South America they are going to help.

Founder of the non-profit organization, Tyler Schwab, says its goal is to prevent child trafficking in Latin America and contribute to the intervention and restoration of these children.

“I think our count right now is in seven different countries,” Schwab said of where the organization is working right now. “All these countries where human trafficking is kind of rampant.”

He says the people of Star Valley have always been generous to the organization. Star Valley High School Football did a special fundraiser for them this year.

Schwab says this is an issue everywhere. He says he has met a lot of bad people and the worst trafficker he felt he ever met was based in Salt Lake City and Lehi, Utah.

“It’s not as far away as we would like it to be, that’s for sure,” Schwab said.

He also says this time of year many people are spending their money on presents for the holidays. Schwab believes that’s good, but says to remember some of these worthy organizations need a little holiday cheer as well.

“There are ways you can be involved with Gifts of Grace,” Schwab said. “Go to our Facebook page, Gifts of Grace. There’s a fundraiser floating around where people can donate to that fundraiser.”

He says you can also go to the website and make a donation in the name of a loved one or the name of the organization as a Christmas gift. He says this time of year is just a great way to celebrate the time of giving.

He also says 100 percent of the funds donated this week go to a special project that is taking place in a city in South America right now. Schwab says he cannot give that exact location, but it’s a place where a high number of government officials and police are trafficking children.

“We’re working with the national police and they’re actually planning this big raid where they’re going to go in and arrest all these guys,” Schwab said. “Basically anyone that’s been involved in trafficking.”

This will require moving these victims away from the town through bus tickets or plane tickets depending on where they will go.

“So the police can go in, arrest the bad guys,” Schwab said. “Without fear of retribution against the survivors.”

He says the focus after the evacuation will go into getting them the proper care they need to try and recover from the traumatic experiences. He says this is where the responsibility falls on the Gifts of Grace.