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Hit music spreads to south Lincoln County

◆ Swift 98 will soon be heard in Kemmerer community.

The purchase of KMER Radio in Kemmerer a few years ago gave SVI Media the ability to cover all of Lincoln County on one radio station. That radio station being The Spur, a country format heard on various FM and AM frequencies countywide.

SVI Media now has another opportunity to further increase it’s radio coverage in south Lincoln County with a new translator frequency at 92.5 on the FM dial.

Swift 98, the Adult Contemporary station heard in Star Valley on 98.7 FM, will be simulcast on the new FM signal in Kemmerer, giving south Lincoln listeners two local stations to choose from based on their preference of music. The Weekday Wake-up, SVI Radio’s morning show, will continue to simulcast on both stations from 7-9 a.m.

The new 92.5 FM is on the air in Kemmerer/Diamondville but is currently rebroadcasting The Spur’s country format.

Once SVI Media has the needed equipment to send and receive the Swift 98 programming from Afton to Kemmerer, the station will switch over to the modern blend of hit music. 92.5 FM is a translator station of KMER 940 AM, meaning that the programming has to be the same on both the AM and FM signals as per FCC regulation.

In other words, once 92.5 FM is ready to change to Swift, that means KMER 940 AM will also change programming. However, 105. 3 FM in southwest Wyoming will continue to play country favorites on The Spur.

The timeline for exactly when the Swift playlist will be available on 92.5 FM in south Lincoln County is still to be determined based on the availability of necessary equipment.

KRSV 98.7 FM gets its nickname of “Swift” from the popular Swift Creek Canyon located in Afton. The station will continue to go by Swift 98 even after the programming is available in Kemmerer.