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Home explodes in Alpine Monday morning

A home and airplane hanger in Alpine is a complete loss after an apparent propane related explosion.

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office reports that the explosion occurred around 4:30 AM Monday morning on Alpine Circle near the airport.  The home is a complete loss, however no one was in the home at the time and no one was injured.

The explosion broke windows in some of the nearby homes.

A fire marshal arrived on scene Monday to continue the investigation.  The marshal would not name propane as the cause of the fire, but only that the cause was being investigated.

More details will be given as it is reported.

Photo Credit: Clay Skinner
Photo Credit: Clay Skinner
The home in Alpine was a complete loss following an explosion on Monday, March 4. Photo Credit: Brad Merritt





  1. I’d like to know who installed the propane piping her—and in the homes that similarly exploded in SVR!

  2. May not be the installers or even the manufacturer’s fault. Snow build up at the tank can damage the regulator. This is why it is recommend to clear snow away from the tank and regulator.

  3. Does the owner/owners work in Jackson? or out of town. why was no one home that early in the morning?

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