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How To Find the Best Off-Roading Trails

How To Find the Best Off-Roading Trails

The world is full of countless off-roading trails to try. However, not all of them are great. To find trails that offer incredible scenery, suit your skill level, and are located in your desired area, you’re probably going to need to do a bit of research. If you’re sick of wasting gas on mediocre trails, follow these helpful tips on how to find the best off-roading trails.

Utilize Off-Roading Websites

Numerous websites have been created for the sole purpose of helping avid off-roaders like yourself find the best trails for any skill level and any location. For example, websites such as Trails Off Road and FunTreks are great places to start. Such resources will provide you with valuable information regarding the trails in your area, including the difficulty level, length of the trail, and photos of the scenery. By providing a general overview of the trails in an area, such websites are a great resource for new off-roaders planning their first trip.

Scour Social Media

Social media is another great place to get information about the best off-roading trails to try. From Facebook pages to Instagram accounts, social media is replete with resources dedicated to people who love off-roading. Consider typing in tags such as #offroadingtrails or #offroadingin(insert the state you live in) to find relevant accounts or pages to follow. You may even consider reaching out to a specific content creator for suggestions on trails or strike up a conversation in the comment section. You might be surprised by the number of great connections you can make with other enthusiasts on social media.

Join Online Forums Dedicated To Off-Roaders

Another tip on how to find the best off-roading trails is to join online forums dedicated to off-roaders. With so many off-roading forums in existence, you’re likely to find one suited to finding trails in your area of interest. Drawing from the experience of many different off-roaders, forums will likely provide plenty of details on which trails to try and the best times to try them. Plus, you’ll be able to ask experienced off-roaders questions and gain insider knowledge about the trail.

Ask Around

If you have friends who also have a passion for off-roading, ask them about some of the best trails they’ve been on. That said, you don’t need to have a squad of avid off-roading buddies to get some good recommendations. The next time you’re on a trail and pass by another vehicle, consider asking them if they have any advice on which trails to try out. You never know—you might end up hearing about a new hidden gem and making a new friend.