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Idaho woman injured in fall at the Intermittent Spring

Star Valley Search and Rescue ATV were used to access the injured person at the Intermittent Spring. The person was transported by ATV to the SV Health Ambulance waiting in the parking area at the trail head to the spring. (Photo by Dan Dockstader)

◆ 15-foot fall results in head and back  injuries.

Emergency response crews answered to a 1:48 p.m. call for help for an injured hiker at the Intermittent Springs east of Afton Monday.

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office reported a 68-year-old Pocatello women fell about 15-feet near the spring and suffered head and back injuries.

Star Valley EMS and Star Valley Search & Rescue responded to the seen and transported her by ATV and Ambulance to Star Valley Health.

Air Idaho transported her by helicopter to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center. The individual was expected to recover from the injuries.

In addition to the sheriff’s office, the Afton Police Department also assisted with the call.

This marked the 23rd mission this year for Star Valley Search and Rescue.

Star Valley EMS, Star Valley Search & Rescue, the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office and Afton Police Department responded and assisted with an injury in Swift Creek Canyon Monday. (Photo by Dan Dockstader)