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In response to hemp oil sales, authorities warn that THC in any form is illegal in Wyoming

The Wyoming Department of Criminal Investigation is working to educate Wyoming’s residents about Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil. The oil is derived from Hemp, and is often referred to as Hemp Oil.

“DCI has recieved multiple inquiries regarding the legality of possessing, using and/or distrubuting ‘CBD Oils,’ which allegedly contain very low or no THC, which is the psychoactive active ingredient in marijuana,” said Matt Waldock, Commander in Region One of the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation. “Wyoming law makes it illegal for anyone to possess, use, and/or distribute any substance containing any amount of THC.”

According to the Department of Criminal Investigations, in Wyoming tetrahydrocannobinol (THC), is a “Schedule One controlled substance.”

“The Division of Criminal Investigation is aware that alleged CBD Oils are being distributed at multiple locations throughout the State of Wyoming, including pet stores, convenience stores and grocery stores,” Waldock said. “Many of these products claim to contain very low or no THC.”

However, according to information released by DCI, labratory tests tell a different story.

“Recent laboratory analysis has confirmed the presence of THC in many of the items we have received,” Waldock said. “Therefore, the Wyoming Department of Criminal Investigation wants to remind everyone that the possession, use and/or distribution of any substance containing THC is illegal.”

According to Lincoln County Sheriff Shane Johnson, local law enforcement is aware that some area businesses have had these types of oils available for purchase.

“People think that because this kind of thing is available over the counter it is legal,” Johnson said. “And that is just not the case. I know that DCI is working on educating people and we are working on that as well to make sure that everyone knows what is legal and what isn’t.”

“A person who has a valid Hemp Extract Registration Card may possess or use the substance as authorized by Wyoming law,” Waldock said.

According to DCI, all other possession or use of products that contain THC is illegal.

Hemp Extract Registration Cards are issued by the Wyoming Department of Health.

“We have been advised by the Department of Health that there are a small number of active Hemp Extract Registration Cards in the State of Wyoming,” Waldock said.

According to Sheriff Johnson, law enforcement agencies across the state remain opposed to the legalization of marijuna in the state.

“We are opposed to the legalization of THC products and marijauna,” he said.
Sheriff Johnson asked that if anyone has a question as to whether or not oils they may have purchased have THC in them and are illegal, they can contact the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office at 885-5231.
“We can test for THC right here,” he said.

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