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Independent Obituaries: February 17, 2021

The following obituaries appeared in the February 17, 2021 edition of the Star Valley Independent.

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Patricia Peterson

Patricia Ann Peterson of Auburn Wyoming passed away peacefully, due to natural causes, on Sunday February 7, 2021, while living with her family in Mariposa, California. She was 91 years old.
Patricia was born Patricia Ann Lund on October 20, 1929 to Eli Christian “Buck” Lund and Mabelle Hazel Timmreck Lund in Cokeville, Wyoming. She was the second of three children. Her older sister was Jaquelin Lund, and her younger brother was Jack “Bud” Lund. Because of the premature death of Jackie, due to malaria, Patricia was an especially welcome and beloved addition to the family. She was loved dearly by both her parents.

Patricia felt she had a very happy childhood in Cokeville and Montpellier, Idaho. Some of her fondest memories were with family, especially the time she spent with her grandparents in their “Old Stone Home.” She also had fond memories of time spent with her uncles, Archie and Smooth, who owned shops in Cokeville, and she visited them often. When young, she had several friends who she enjoyed playing and riding horses with. Another vivid and cherished memory she often talked about when she grew older was how when WWII came to an end in 1945, she rode her horse bareback up to Pine Creek to tell two of her friends about the end of the war. They then all piled on the horse together and went to town where everyone in Cokeville had all turned out and blocked off the city streets. They then played music and danced in the streets to celebrate the end of the War. She said it was a happy and grand time.

After high school Patricia decided that she wanted to go to Pocatello, Idaho to attend Cosmetology School. While there, her life changed forever when she met and fell in love with Ernest Vincent, “White” Fritz who was working to build and engineer bridges in the area. They were married in 1950 and soon moved back to Montpelier where Whitie opened up and operated a service station for Standard Oil Company. While in Montpelier, Pat and Whitie where happy to have their first two children born to them, Gregory on June 29, 1950, and Danny on August 24, 1951.

The next stage of Pat and Whitie’s life came when they decided to move their family to Newport Beach, California where they opened a successful chain of nurseries, called “Green Haven Garden Centers” in 1952. The weather, sun, and fun of California beaches agreed with Pat and she enjoyed her time in California immensely. While there, Pat and Whitie then completed their little family when they had their third and last child, Jody Ann on February 13, 1961. Pat was a wonderful mother to all three of her children, and they made her life feel full and complete. Then in an expression of love and increased faith, in 1962, Pat and Whitie decided to be sealed for time and eternity to each other and to their three children in the Los Angeles Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Pat was a good wife and mother and saw to it that she and her family were always well dressed and well taken good care of, starting with Whitie, and including their children. Pat always balanced her time and made sure to take time for Whitie and was a loving and devoted wife to him. At the same time, she kept a meticulous home and also took the time that was needed to care for her children, whether it was at home, school, or church. Some of Pat’s fondest memories as a mother were the times, she spent with her children, especially on their family trips. Gregory, Danny, and Jody have many very special and fond memories of those trips and of the time they spent with their mom, especially at the beach. Pat spent time with them building sandcastles, watching them surf, and playing in the sun.

While in California, Pat also became active in the community and participated in the Lions Club and the Wisettes. She was also very diligent in her church callings. She was a Relief Society President, Stake Young Women’s President and Primary Teacher, as well as serving in several other positions. Her life was busy and full, yet she always maintained a positive and energetic personality.

However, life for Pat would not be without hardship and heartache. Pat and the kids would end up losing Whitie, and after the boys were raised, Pat would have to move on and make a home and life for her and Jody. It was difficult, but Pat worked hard to provide for them. And they enjoyed their time together very much.

After about seven years of being on their own, Pat became reacquainted with, dated, and then married a childhood sweetheart named Everett “Dick” Peterson on June 7, 1976. Dick came to California and took Pat and Jody back to Wyoming where they lived first in Cokeville and then in Auburn, Wyoming. Dick was a hardworking and successful hunter and outfitter. He was the owner of “Peterson Hunting Camps” and “Wagons West”, wagon touring company. Pat supported Dick in all he did, and they worked together to make both business’s a success. It was hard work for them both, but they made it work. Despite the hard work, they enjoyed traveling for the business and spending time together. They both loved each other very much and spent many happy and productive years together. They were good parents and grandparents for their families. Sadly, their time together also would not last. Pat lost Dick on January 5, 2010.

Pat did her best to move forward after Dick’s death, but it proved to be a lonely life for her. She focused her life and energies on her children and her grandchildren, and they loved her for it. She loved them all and did for them all that was within her power to do. She also moved forward and gave all the service in her community and church that she could muster.

After a few years alone, Pat was lucky enough to find a new companion and best friend when her family brought little Gus into her life. We are not just exactly sure what kind of dog Gus was, but he proved to be the most loving, loyal, and caring friend that Pat could ask for. They were instantly fast friends. If she ever felt sick or a little down, Gus was there for her, loving her, comforting her, and never leaving her side. In return, she loved and cared for him, and adored him for his love, right to the end.

As the years went by, Pat also became a wonderful friend to her neighbors and to many in her Auburn Ward. These friends and neighbors loved and helped care for Pat as she slowed in her later years. They were all a constant help and comfort for Pat, and her family wishes to thank them deeply for their love, care, and support. In her passing, Pat’s sweet spirit will be truly missed by us all.

Patricia was preceded in death by both parents, both her brother and sister, and both husbands. She is survived by all three of her beloved children, Gregory E Fritz, Danny Pat Fritz, and Jody Ann Fritz Fowlke, along with their loving spouses. Also, she is survived by 13 grandchildren, 12 great grandchildren, and many dear friends, all of whom loved her very much.

Patricia’s life will be remembered and celebrated at her funeral services which will be held at the Auburn Chapel of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, located at 2411 Fish Hatchery Road, in Auburn Wyoming. The funeral will be held on March 6, 2021, at 11:00 a.m. Pat will then be laid to rest in the Cokeville Cemetery, following the funeral service.

Stephen Mavy

It is with full, but heavy hearts, that we must say goodbye for now to a beloved son, father, brother, uncle, and friend. Stephen Kay Mavy passed away peacefully on February 2, 2021 at the age of 77 at his home in Bedford, Wyoming. He is survived by his four children (their spouses and children) T. Merritt Mavy (spouse Celena, Michael 23, Kaitlyn 22, Evelyn 13, Koryn 9), Michellyn Hayes (spouse Donny, Rylie 18, Austin 13, Jordyn 3), Amanda K. Mavy, Chandra M. Edlow (spouse Joshua, Austin 14, Piper 12, Alexa 9, Lincoln 7), his siblings (their spouses and children) Carolee Peacock (5 children), Christopher D. Mavy (spouse Carolyn, 8 children), Jack A. Mavy (3 children), Deanna D. Elison (spouse Bary, 5 children), and his mother, Mary Mavy. He was preceded in death by his father, Carol A. Mavy and his brother-in-law Brett Peacock.

A message from his children: This is our Dad.
He was a fighter. He was a cowboy. He was a patriot. He was a teacher. He was an artist. He was a compassionate friend. He was adventurous and pushed people to challenge themselves. He was a collector and curator of information. He was an independent, persistent and self reliant man. He was a unique and eccentric personality. He was a sweet valentine. He was as stubborn as an ox. He was a warrior. He was God fearing and loved his Savior. He was a force all his own and left his mark on everyone he met.
He was, and is, an ever-loving father to us and now he is with both his father and his [Heavenly] Father. He is whole and complete. He is healed of all ailments. He is able to run as he never was able to in this life. He is able to ride his beloved horse, Flip, faster and farther than ever before. He is at peace in the arms of those who love him across the veil. Our empty arms long for him, but the knowledge the Gospel of Jesus Christ gives us to know that he will be there to hold us when we come back home soothes our aching hearts. We will miss you Dad with all that is in us…‘til we meet again.

His funeral service was held at the Bedford Wyoming Ward chapel of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints on Saturday, February 13 at 12:00 pm.
Stephen Kay Mavy – March 28, 1943 – February 2, 2021