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Jackson man charged with felony rape

JACKSON (WNE) — A Teton County man is facing a charge of first-degree sexual assault after police said he forced himself on a woman and smacked her face before raping her.

Chris Tarpey, 31, pleaded not guilty to the charge Wednesday in the 9th Judicial District Court in Jackson.

According to court records, Tarpey is accused of showing up drunk at the woman’s Jackson apartment late on July 23. The woman told Jackson Police Department detectives that the plan was to smoke and watch a movie. Text messages showed she specifically told Tarpey there would be no sex.

“[The woman] stated Mr. Tarpey forcefully removed her clothing and got on top of her,” police wrote in court documents. “[She] asked him to stop. [The woman] said Mr. Tarpey stared at her and struck her right cheek with his palm, twice.”

Then he said, “Take it, bitch,” according to records.

The woman again asked him to stop, but she said Tarpey kept physically positioning her where he wanted her, penetrating her without her consent.

“After [the woman] and Mr. Tarpey separated, she texted him that what happened in the bedroom was not acceptable,” court records state. “Mr. Tarpey responded with an apology.”

Detectives tried to reach Tarpey on July 28 but could not locate him at his apartment.

He was booked in December in South Carolina as a fugitive.

He has since bonded out and appeared virtually before Judge Timothy Day in the 9th Judicial District Court last week.

The Teton County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office made a motion for a protection order for the woman, which the court granted.

Tarpey’s pretrial hearing has been set for April 27, with a jury trial to follow on June 1.