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K-D Joint Powers Board flushing hydrants, may discolor water

The Kemmerer-Diamondville Joint Powers Board will be flushing fire hydrants the week of May 13 through May 17 throughout the City of Kemmerer and Town of Diamondville.

Brent McClarnon, director of the JPB, said resident’s water may appear cloudy and red.   If so please run the water for a while and it should clear up.

McClarnon said the water is still safe to drink and use as the pressurized water lines are still sterile.  The only thing that may be an issue is doing laundry, as the rust in the water may discolor clothing so run your water till it is clear then do laundry.

If you have further questions please call the JPB at 307-877-2261 or visit their Joint Powers Board website at