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Kemmerer City asking for public input as it works to improve downtown

Kemmerer City is asking for the public’s input as it meets with Downtown Redevelopment Services September Tuesday to Thursday to finalize projects to improve downtown.

Director for the Kemmerer Diamondville Community Area (KDCA) Chamber of Commerce, Ellan Potter, says Wednesday DT Redevelopment will meet with the community from 4-7 PM at the Downtown Triangle Park to get feedback.

“I think this is a great opportunity for the community to express some of their concerns on our businesses and on our downtown area,” Potter said. “We encourage everyone to come out.”

She also says it will be a great opportunity for businesses to meet with DT Redevelopment one-on-one to get some feedback on how to improve.

“When COVID hit we sort of all took a hit as far as businesses are concerned,” Potter said. “So I think this is a great opportunity for our businesses downtown to revitalize themselves.”

City Administrator Brian Muir says the service company received a USDA grant through the Wyoming Business Council.

“This is an encouraging thing that we’re working on,” Muir said.

He also says that the public can share feedback online. You can access a survey by clicking here or you can go to the City of Kemmerer’s Facebook page and access the link from there.