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Kemmerer City to receive federal grant for economic development

Kemmerer City Administrator Brian Muir says the Economic Development Agency is giving the city a grant of $139,000.

This is a matched donation as well according to Muir meaning the total grant will be about $280,000. Lincoln County, Rocky Mountain Power, Kemmerer City and others agreed to donate to this grant to help with the challenges the city will have to face.

Muir says the grant money will mostly be used to develop a study with experts in economic development.

“Also an impact manager,” Muir said. “To actually help us implement that study here in south Lincoln County.

“We’ve got a number of people working together to try to use those funds wisely and come up with a good plan and a good impact manager to help us execute that plan.”

Muir says one big aspect will be learning how to diversify the economy in the city. He also says there have been a lot of studies done previously and they will take those studies and use the grant to create one solid plan for south Lincoln County.

“One example could be leveraging our fossil industry better,” Muir said. “Another example could be trying to utilize all the talents of the people here in the community to perhaps create some manufacturing opportunities.”

Muir says there a number of things that can be done, but the focus is to find the highest probability of success.